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Islands by Design Ltd.

Engineering Disciplines:
Marine Engineering, Wetland Ecology, Coastal Processing,
Plant Ecology, Air Quality, Archaeology, Socioeconomic and Environmental Permitting and Planning.

Key Personnel:

Mr. Keith A. Bishop is a professional with over thirty years experience in project management consulting. He has more than fifteen years of experience as a local environmental consultant in the Caribbean, conducting environmental impact assessments. To date, Mr. Bishop has performed environmental impact assessments and has done environmental planning and management on over one hundred and fifty projects ranging from small residential developments to major industrial and commercial projects. [ Download CV ]

Company Profile:
Islands By Design Ltd. (IBD) was founded from its predecessor EIA (Bahamas) Ltd., in 1994 by its Principal, Keith Bishop.  Mr. Bishop, a professional with over thirty years experience in project management consulting, has more than twenty years experience as a local environmental consultant in the Caribbean conducting environmental impact assessments.  To date, Keith Bishop has performed environmental impact assessments and provided environmental planning and management for over two hundred projects ranging from small residential developments to major industrial and commercial projects.

IBD has extensive experience across The Bahamas providing environmental and engineering services to proposed residential and resort developments, marinas and ports, and Government infrastructure improvement projects. With over twenty years of project consultation in The Bahamas, IBD has developed a large database of terrestrial, marine, and socio-economic data. IBD is acutely aware of the diversity of physical and biological features as well as the cultural norms and economic parameters that differentiate one island from another.

IBD has a full understanding of infrastructure projects, having been involved in all aspects from design through construction and operations. Our design process includes gaining a thorough knowledge of our prospective client’s requirements, budgets and expected return on investments prior to proceeding with the planning.  A complete analysis of site and environmental conditions, permitting requirement together with preliminary cost estimates on conceptual designs are completed for our Client’s review prior to implementing our design processes.


North Abaco Port
Abaco, Bahamas

The North Abaco Cargo Port and Marina will provide a safe harbour and freight services facilitating an expansion of shipping and trade that is anticipated to attract further development in North Abaco. Islands By Design was contracted to assist with environmental services and contributed but not limited to bathymetric survey, coastal assessment, baseline map development, utilities and infrastructure studies, conceptual marina design and basin flushing design, baseline environmental features including tidal and wind, and erosion and sedimentation issues.

Norman’s Cay
Exuma, The Bahamas

Norman’s Cay is located at the northern end of the Exuma Sound, Baha-mas and is approximately 6 miles long and approximately 0.75 miles at its widest point.

Islands By Design has assisted the developers of Norman’s Cay from 2002 to present ensuring that the development, operation, and maintenance of Norman’s Cay proceeds with adequate controls that protect the long term health of the environmental resources of the project site and immediate vicinity.

Schooner Bay
Abaco, Bahamas

Schooner Bay is a new urbanist planned community on 222 acres on Great Abaco. Islands By Design was contracted to assist in contributions to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) being undertaken
in support of a proposed development at Schooner Bay, South Abaco. The contributions included preliminary infrastructure and utility assessments, preliminary marina design and circulation analysis. IBD participated in design charettes and provided guidance through this process. Islands By Design’s continued involvement included project management, infrastructure engineering and preparation of Schooner Bay’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Sports Centre Redevelopment Project at Big Pond
New Providence

The Sports Centre Redevelopment Project (SCRP) encompasses the recently opened Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, new supporting road corridors and Big Pond. Islands By Design was contracted to prepare an Environmental Management Plan and enforce its mandates with on-site monitoring during construction. The EMP provided management techniques and tools associated with new building
infrastructure and construction within the area to ensure minimal anthropogenic inputs to the mangrove forest located at Big Pond. Big Pond is an ecological sanctuary amidst a heavily urban area.

Leaf Cay, Exuma
Over-Water Bungalows

Leaf Cay, a 13.1 acre island, is located approximately eighty (80) miles southeast of Nassau, New Providence, in the central portion of the Exuma Islands chain. IBD was contracted to perform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the purpose of assisting in the decision making and impact
assessment of the proposed Master Plan which includes the fist ever Over Water Bungalows in The Bahamas.

Additionally, IBD authored the document “A Review of Over-The-Water Bungalows: Environmental Considerations Specific To The Bahamas”. It was written with a purpose to define and assess the environmental considerations associated with the development of overwater structures, specifically over-the-water bungalows or villas, in The Bahamas. The government has given this project “approval in principal” and is expected to develop into the first ever “Over Water Bungalows” in the Bahamas.


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